Legionella is a bacterium that flourishes in pipes and tanks for potable water. And it may be found in all kinds of installations. Only its concentration is different. In only a few days the number of bacteria may grow to a distinctly hazardous level for the consumers of the installation. Maintenance, temperature and the structure itself of the installation may be crucial aspects for its growth. The Legionella bacterium may cause the legionary disease, which is a serious form of pneumonia, often with a concomitant effect on other vital organs. The disease may cause the death or invalidity of humans. A quick doctor’s call is vital, as medicine against ordinary pneumonia has no effect. Infection spreads through inhalation of aerosols (tiny water droplets) that have been contaminated with Legionella bacteria. Showers are some of the typical sources of infection.

Prevent Legionella

To maintain a good hygienic standard and prevent Legionella is based on a comprehensive assessment of all specific conditions in the water installation: i.e. arrangement, operation, consumption pattern, water quality, typical users. Nobody asks you to use an exorbitant amount of money on proper prevention. However, just like you are frequently cleaning your home, you need to make sure that the hot-water system is living up to a proper, hygienic standard. What you need is the combination of know-how and common sense. In the light of the above, Guldager has developed the service concept Healthy Water.


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